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#1 Franchise

There are many great reasons to choose SUBWAY® as your Quick Service Restaurant Franchise.

SUBWAY® has an advantage in the quick service sandwich category for the following reasons:

  1. Great Food – A popular menu with the opportunity to customize your food whether you want a healthy meal or to indulge.
  2. Simplicity – SUBWAY®'s simple operation does not require business or restaurant experience – in fact most of our franchisees did not have either before joining our team. All you need is a willingness to follow SUBWAY®'s blue print for success.
  3. Support – We have successful methods in place for franchisees as well as local support from our office and your business consultant. Local support helps you every step of the way starting with site selection and leasing to your grand opening and monthly consultations.
  4. Systems – We have established systems in place to assist in the marketing, operations and management of your restaurant.
  5. Purchasing Power – SUBWAY® is the largest restaurant chain in North America and possesses the buying and marketing power that few other brands can match. Our advertising team aggressively markets your brand nationally and locally to bring customers into your business. Our purchasing co-op advertising assists in reducing your costs in areas ranging from insurance and equipment to food and supplies.