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What does it cost to build a new store?

While costs can vary widely, a typical new store in Central PA costs approximately $198,700.

How long does it take to open a store once I have purchased a franchise?

It has been our experience in Central PA that the average time is between 6-12 months from time of purchase to the day that the store opens, but every circumstance is different.

Who and where do you get your supplies/food from?

SUBWAY® requires that all products meet our “Gold Standard which ensures superior taste & quality”. These products are currently supplied by Reinhart Foods in Shamokin, PA.

Do you have a team of contractors build the stores?

SUBWAY® does not have a construction team or company that will build your store for you. However, we will provide you with a list of contractors who have built stores in our territory and are familiar with SUBWAY® buildouts. You can use your own contractor as long as they are licensed and are able to work with your architect.

Do you have approved locations available?

Ultimately, finding a location for a new SUBWAY® restaurant is the responsibility of the franchisee. All locations must be approved by SUBWAY®.

What financing is available, if any?

You may use whatever means of financing you wish to finance your SUBWAY® project. We do have several companies who work with SUBWAY® Franchisees on a regular basis. As a result these lenders are very familiar with the SUBWAY® business model and lending. Generally this expedites the process.

Do I have to go to “SUBWAY® School”?

Yes. Every person listed on the franchise agreement must attend and pass the mandatory two-week training course at SUBWAY® World Headquarters in Milford, CT.

What kind of expenses can I expect to have to pay SUBWAY® on an ongoing basis?

8% in Royalties
4.5% Advertising
Both are paid weekly based upon your net sales.

Will I have to find my own location or will SUBWAY® provide one for me?

An experienced lease negotiations team will assist you with finding a site and negotiating your lease.